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The Right Way To Install Safe Playground Surfaces
As a nation we go to great length to protect our children. We buckle them into safety seats in our More

Four Ways To Ensure Your Surface Is Built With Quality Components
As a company, we are very passionate about the playground and recreational surfacing industry. It’s our core business. So, when More

Top Questions To Ask To Avoid Pitfalls With Your Next Surfacing Project
It has happened to all of us at one point or another. We hire a company to do a job, More

Going Green, Getting LEED® Credits With Your Next Surfacing Project
Today going green is less of an option and more of an expectation. For some companies, the new color of More

TurfTop Maintenance Guidelines
WARNING: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CLEANING Maintenance Data: In order to keep the rubber infill evenly distributed, periodically (once per More

Playbound Turftop Sub-Base Preparation
The excavation and preparation of the sub-base is to be done in advance of Surface America’s crews arriving for installation More

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