Kids at play on Miracle League baseball field.


Surface America is an exclusive Miracle League Baseball partner

The Miracle League has chosen Surface America as its only poured-in-place baseball fields partner, and we are proud to have their trust in our services. Poured Evertop™ is a one-layer system made from pre- and post-industrial recycled materials. It is used for both infield and outfield because of its smooth, seamless surface – ideal for players and mobility equipment that is always on the move.

Industry-leading material and warranty

EverTop includes an industry-leading percentage of material in its surface to extend the life of your surface. And because materials are mixed and applied on site, you can easily achieve customization by adding color, logos and more. EverTop also comes with a 7-year warranty – the industry’s longest and most comprehensive.

Product Data

EverTop Detail

Wet poured, one-layer, troweled-on-site system: EPDM & aliphatic or aromatic urethane.

  • Field-applied in any configuration and dimensions
  • Wet poured, one layer, troweled on site
  • Typical thickness range is ½”
  • Many colors and color combinations
  • Porous for outdoor use
  • Base options: asphalt or concrete
  • Flush, feathered or typical edge detail
  • Recycled material components sourced from the U.S.
  • 7-year warranty
  • All materials are made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Color(s) may vary slightly from samples shown.

The National Miracle League Recommendations

80% Terra Cotta / 20% Black
For Baselines, Coaches’ Boxes, Pitcher’s Mound, Batter and Catcher Area

40% Bright Green / 40% Hunter Green / 20% Black
Outfield and Infield Grass Areas, Dugouts