PlayBound Poured-in-Place at park playground.

Playground Surfacing

Surface America features the most complete line of rubber playground surfacing systems in the world.

Our IPEMA-certified and ADA-compliant poured, turf & tile systems are best-in-class with proven coast-to-coast installation service.

PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place

PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place rubber surfacing is the most-used safety playground surface and comes with the industry’s longest warranty. Its recycled material components are sourced only from the USA. It has virtually unlimited design possibilities.

EverTop colorful outdoor sitting area.


EverTop™ is the top surface of our PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place system, and is commonly used in play areas outside of equipment use zones and high-traffic areas surrounding playgrounds. It has the industry’s longest warranty.

An installation of Surface America's PlayBound TurfTop at Linear Park

PlayBound™ TurfTop™

PlayBound™ TurfTop™ has a natural grass look with no maintenance and world-class toughness. It allows a free flow of water, so the playground can be used immediately following heavy rain. The resilient basemat provides great shock absorption.

 Performance UltraTile Graphic - Giraffe

UltraTile™ Play

UltraTile™ Play is a patented product that combines an ultra-durable top wear layer and resilient underlayment – into one extraordinary rubber tile. Its expected life is more than 100% longer than other rubber playground tiles.