AquaFlex pool decking at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

AquaFlex® Rubber Waterplay Surfacing

Skid-resistant surfacing for outdoor & indoor water parks, splash pads, pool decks, and spa surrounds

AquaFlex®, a Landscape Structures product provided by Surface America, uses an advanced bond-in-place technology in which millions of pebbles bond together to create a durable, skid-resistant surface.

Won’t break down in chlorinated water or when exposed to UV rays

Its unique chlorine resistance and long-term light stability keep your waterplay surface looking beautiful for years to come. Because it is mixed and applied on-site, you can easily have permanent patterns, borders, and logos incorporated into the surface.

Featuring superior heat flux for greater comfort

Surfaces get hot in direct sun. Tests prove that AquaFlex pebbles transfer heat to sensitive feet and skin at a minimum rate of 23% lower than alternative surfaces.

AquaFlex Porous allows water to penetrate through the surface to drain to allow for good traction.

AquaFlex Non-Porous is an ideal solution for outdoor waterplay areas in locations that require water to flow across the surface into a drainage system. It’s often used for indoor applications. AquaFlex Non-Porous can be installed over a cushion layer, making it ideal for applications that require extra impact attenuation to minimize injuries from falls.

Product Data

A cross section image of a square section of the AquaFlex product

AquaFlex Porous is a blend of 100% large pebbles; AquaFlex Non-Porous (shown) is a 50%/50% blend by weight of large and small pebbles.

  • Aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane pebbles with a 2-part aliphatic polyurethane binder
  • Chlorine resistant
  • UV light stable
  • Skid resistant per ASTM C1028-2007 Coefficient of Friction Test and meets OSHA recommendations for walking surfaces and accessible routes even when wet
  • Flame resistant per ASTM D2859-02
  • Variety of color blends see common blends or mix your own
  • Ability to incorporate patterns, borders and logos
  • Outdoor & indoor applications
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner and a pressure washer on the fan setting (at least once per year is recommended)
  • AquaFlex Porous can be installed at a thickness of 3/8” over concrete or asphalt bases
  • AquaFlex Non-Porous can be installed at a thickness of 3/8” over concrete or asphalt bases and may include a 5/8” or greater SBR cushion layer
  • All materials are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

Pool Surround Surfacing Comparison


Color(s) may vary slightly from samples shown.

Mix Your Own Color Blends

Note: AquaFlex Non-Porous is not intended for underwater applications such as wading pools or pool bottoms. AquaFlex Non-Porous is not intended for surfaces that are less than a 2 percent grade.