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Rubber Surfacing & Flooring for Outdoor Recreation

Surface America’s experience in outdoor surfacing is vast and our systems have proven to be top performers in their categories. Our systems are highly shock-absorbing, amazingly durable, and attractive in any outdoor setting. They can be found in applications like walkways, high-traffic areas, special needs baseball and athletic fields, higher education campuses, hospitality venues, and more.

Outdoor Rubber Surfacing & Flooring Systems

Highland School District

EverTop™ is a one-layer, poured-on-site rubber system that takes customization to a new level. EPDM rubber granules, available in many standard colors plus a number of common color combinations, allow for surface designs, themes, and patterns that truly push the threshold of creativity in a surface. EverTop is tough, durable, proven, and comfortable. Great footing and unique versatility are among the trademarks of this system, which Surface America has been installing coast-to-coast for 25 years. Choose from one of two urethane types and their associated 7 and 10-year warranties! The entire population can enjoy this great surface as it is the most accessible, multi-use recreational surfacing system available. Typically installed over asphalt or concrete. Meets the requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the ASTM F-1951 Determination of Surface Accessibility.

An installation of RecSport Turf at a school

RecSport Turf is our extremely durable turn that maintains the look of perfectly-groomed grass without any maintenance.

Bills Field Full Field from Sideline

A-Turf® is our synthetic turf sister company, featuring multiple system options, including the industry-leading A-Turf® Titan.

Safe at third! Miracle League baseball field.

Miracle League EverTop™ is a single-layer poured rubber baseball field that’s ideal for players and mobility equipment.

The Miracle League of Plymouth Baseball Field

Miracle League Turf is a high-density, short-nap turf baseball surface that delivers outstanding maneuverability to both players and mobility equipment.

SportTurf Cushion school courtyard.

SportTurf Cushion is a turf roll with bonded foam pad backing. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas where you want a natural look.

A dog running with a chew toy on Surface America's Doggy Turf

DoggyTurf is a porous system of natural-looking turf with pet-safe infill over a resilient rubber basemat.