Top Questions To Ask To Avoid Pitfalls With Your Next Surfacing Project

It has happened to all of us at one point or another. We hire a company to do a job, only to realize midway through the project that the company doing the work doesn’t live up to what was promised.

We wish we could say the surfacing industry is immune to such occurrences. Unfortunately we cannot. There are a lot of surfacing companies that pop up on the industry map of players, but that doesn’t mean all surfacing companies are worthy of your business or are even helping advance the industry as a whole.

The wrong suppliers, inexperienced installation crews, poor follow through – the reasons for a project failing vary, but the result is often the same – wasted time, energy and dollars.

Bottom line – as a playground and recreational surfacing company – we are in the specialty construction business. That means there will be changes, adjustments and modifications to even the best-laid plans.  Having clear communication between your team and the company hired is a critically important first step in weathering the bumps along the way. But even the best communicators need to back-up their words with actions.

Look for the following when deciding which surfacing company is best for you:

  • Reputation in the industry. Does the company demonstrate a clear understanding of the industry as well as an understanding of your needs? Do they respond thoroughly and expediently?
  • A proven track record. Has the company worked on hundreds of similar projects over many years so they are truly experts?
  • A written warranty from the company. Evaluate it in terms of content and length of time and consider the company in relationship to the warranty. How have they handled their worst warranty situation?
  • Financial strength and stability. Does the company have staying power? How long has the company been in the industry and are you confident the company will be in business throughout the life of the warranty?

Most of us involved in the construction business understand that not every project is easy and that, sometimes, unforeseen circumstances change the course of action. Having a proven company with proven solutions is the safest way to safeguard your investment.

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