Playbound Turftop Sub-Base Preparation

The excavation and preparation of the sub-base is to be done in advance of Surface America’s crews arriving for installation of the PlayBound TurfTop system.

  • PlayBound TurfTop system can be installed on asphalt, concrete, crush stone, or excavated earth.  For installing on top of excavated earth, please follow the instructions below:
  • Excavate the earth to a level of ½” less than the thickness of the system.  Ex.)  If the PlayBound TurfTop system is 4” total thickness, than the earth should be excavated 3-1/2”.
  • Level and compact the excavated earth using hand tools.
  • Install a porous landscape filter fabric such as Typar 3401, by loose laying the fabric and staking it around the perimeter.
  • The PlayBound TurfTop system can be installed with or without a curb (wood or concrete) or landscape edging around the perimeter.  Any landscape edging is acceptable, metal, plastic, aluminum, etc.  If chosen, the edging should be installed below grade to add stability to the base mat of the system.
  • If neither a curb or landscape edge will be used, excavate the area 6” greater than where the surface will be installed on all sides, thus allowing for the synthetic grass to be folded over and buried around the perimeter.

Any specific questions regarding the sub-base construction are welcomed at Surface America.

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