installing new pour in place rubber surfacing

The Importance of an Excellent Installation Crew

Since 1993, Surface America has completed thousands of projects and installed millions of square feet of recreational and athletic surfacing and flooring throughout the United States. As an industry leader, we have high standards for our products and systems. When it comes to the installation crews that we utilize, we have even higher standards because we truly believe that the installation is a very imperative step when it comes to recreational and athletic surfacing.

Here at Surface America, we believe that superior installation comes down to a combination of two important factors: Science and Art.


With such a technical application process, there is absolutely science involved. Surfaces must be installed exactly according to specifications in order to ensure peak performance and safety compliance to pass ASTM standards. This is a skill that can be taught, and through our certification program we provide all of the necessary tools, training, and resources for our installers to learn this skill to get the job done correctly.


This is the part where the process gets more complex. Excellent installers are creative, artistic, detail-oriented, and highly skilled in this unique trade. Unlike the science factor, this is not a learned skill. These installers are born with a certain eye and a level of detail that not everyone embodies. This is a skill that no amount of training or resources can help a person to develop. When it comes to our PlayBound ™ Poured-in-Place and AquaFlex systems, truly skilled installers know how to quickly and efficiently install the troweled in place material so that it creates an often seamless and always consistently, uniform surface. No design is too difficult for these craftsmen and we are proud of the magnificent work that our installers have completed to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with their finished surface.

Proper installation is crucial when it comes to safety surfacing. The truth is, you might have a great experience working with a company on product specifications and oversight, but an inexperienced or inadequate installation crew can create havoc. This will result in wasted time, energy, and dollars, and a surface that appears and performs poorly. When you choose Surface America, you can rest assured that you are getting superior installation craftsmanship from our certified installers that work coast-to-coast.

Contact us to discuss your next project and we can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.

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