Specialty Outdoor Surfacing

Surface America surfaces can be found in many specialty outdoor applications. Poured-on-site systems are ideal for areas that get wet because they have exceptional footing and slip-resistant characteristics. And interlocking tile products like the I-shaped DuraPaver™ can add an attractive design to a walkway or other high-traffic area that will last a lifetime. Our Sister Company, A-Turf, builds premier synthetic turf athletic fields across the nation: from youth sports to the National Football League.

Miracle League Baseball Fields

The Miracle League has chosen Surface America as its only poured-in-place and turf baseball fields partner. Our poured EverTop™ is used for both infield and outfield because it provides a smooth, seamless sports surface for players and mobility equipment to maneuver. Our Turf features a low fiber height and tight gauge with dense, high-performance turf throughout the infield and outfield, including home plate, bases and pitcher’s mound. It provides a sports surface that allows players and mobility equipment outstanding maneuverability. The Miracle League and other special needs baseball leagues have confidence in Surface America’s system and trust in our service.