The perfect surface for high-traffic areas

Surface America’s EverTop™ is a one-layer system that is mixed and poured on site. Consisting of pre- and post-industrial recycled materials, it is applied over asphalt or concrete. Specialty EverTop surfaces provide great footing and shock absorption for high-traffic outdoor areas.

Customize with ease

EverTop rubber surfacing includes an industry-leading percentage of material in its top surface, which greatly extends the life of your surface. And because EverTop’s material components are mixed and applied on site, customization is possible. School colors, logos, games or geometric shapes can make the perfect finish to your outdoor surface.

Industry-leading warranty

When used with aliphatic urethane binder, EverTop comes with a 10-year warranty. When used with aromatic urethane binder, EverTop comes with a 7-year warranty.

Product Detail
EverTop Detail

Wet poured, one-layer, troweled-on-site system: EPDM & aliphatic or aromatic urethane.


Product Data
  • Field-applied in any configuration and dimensions
  • Wet poured, one layer, troweled on site
  • Typical thickness range is ½”
  • Many colors and color combinations Mix Your Own Color Blends
  • Porous for outdoor use
  • Base options: asphalt or concrete
  • Flush, feathered or typical edge detail
  • Recycled material components sourced from the USA
  • 7-year warranty
Colors / Finishes

Color(s) may vary slightly from samples shown.

Mix Your Own Color Blends