Gymnasium & Field House Flooring

Surface America sports flooring is found in gyms and field houses across the country. They feature durable and resilient top layers with shock and sound absorbing underlayments that enhance performance and reduce fatigue. The top surface has exceptional footing and true ball bounce.

Poured Urethane Surface Flooring

ElastoFloor™ Roll-Pour is three poured urethane layers over a pre-fabricated and fully adhered rubber basemat, resulting in a super durable and very comfortable surface. This mercury and lead free playing surface is ideal gym flooring – for basketball, volleyball, jogging and other sport and recreational usage. It’s so durable it can easily convert from a sports surface to hold non-sport events such as meetings, church services and dances.

Engineered Athletic Flooring

Boflex prefinished hardwood surface with cross-ply construction and foam channel has a beautiful wood floor look that’s comfortable and shock-absorbing. It’s ideal for a one-sport court or multi-sport facility. Bounce is a roll product with a vinyl top surface (with a wood look) bonded to a rubber base.

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Ideal Applications:

Basketball Courts
Indoor Tracks
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Multi-Purpose Courts
Racquetball Courts
Squash Courts
Volleyball Courts