Built On & For Sustainability

Surface America Products Feature The Widest Collection of Recycled Materials

Our resilient rubber systems consist of a 100% post-consumer recycled SBR rubber and polyurethane base and/or a top surface of 100% post-industrial EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and polyurethane.

Surface America’s flooring and surfacing systems are manufactured by a number of suppliers … one of which is parent company, Pennsylvania-based Ecore International. Ecore is the largest user of scrap tire rubber in the U.S.A., converting more than 80 million pounds of tires annually into recycled rubber flooring and surfacing. Ecore’s capabilities include grinding, screening, removal of stone, wood, paper, fluff, fiber, and other materials from scrap tire rubber to produce exacting specifications that meet or exceed customers’ internal, external, and ASTM specifications.

Surface America products support ASTM E2129-05 Sustainability Assessment, meet State of Washington standard for low VOCs, and those with E-Grip™ III adhesive deliver 50% lower VOCs than most demanding standard in the industry (SCAQMD).

Many interior products have the potential to contribute points to LEED; but, since credits are based on the performance of all the products involved in a particular project, there is not one stand-alone product that can guarantee you will obtain LEED credits. It is the combination, and the weight of each, that is critical.

Surface America’s Commitment to Sustainability Goes Beyond Just What’s In Its Products

Most of Surface America’s suppliers recirculate water rather than releasing it into the sewer system, conserving millions of gallons of water each year in their manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing equipment and processes have been specifically designed to improve the quality of products and increase energy efficiency, resulting in less energy consumption than standard industry procedures. A very high percentage of production scrap is automatically collected and recycled back into the system, so little goes to waste.

Reduex Reclamation Program

Surface America’s cost-effective, efficient reclamation program for our customers allows full cradle to cradle recycling of most of our products. During installation, salvages and overages can be packaged and shipped back to Ecore’s Lancaster, PA manufacturing facility where they will be reground and used in other materials manufactured. Material is accepted on a case-by-case basis.