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Ambler Area YMCA

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Location: Ambler, PA
Surface System Used: Basic Roll


The Ambler Area YMCA was built in 2010 and serves several communities in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs. Over 2,000 members use the space on a daily basis. Many of the classes offered at the Y take place within their 11,000 square foot wellness center, which houses dozens of pieces of exercise equipment as well as free weight and cardio areas.

When it was time to decide on a flooring solution for the wellness center, the Y’s Branch Executive Director, Scott Lewis, knew the product they chose had to be versatile and stand up to many unique fitness applications. The flooring had to be easy to clean, withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment and resist everyday wear and tear from free weights and busy foot traffic. Lewis knew the best flooring choice was Basic Roll, manufactured by Ecore.

“Our experience with Basic Roll in our other YMCA facilities is what led us to choose the product for our wellness center at the Ambler Y. When it comes to easy installation and extreme durability, the product excels,” shares Lewis.

John Mangan, the Ambler Y’s Property Director, also shared positive reviews about the flooring’s performance and maintenance features. “Once it’s installed, Basic Roll is very easy to maintain. The floor is nice, and my maintenance crew loves it,” said Mangan.

When it came to floor color selection, the Ambler Y had many options to choose from. Basic Roll is available in 22 colors, and the Y went with a dark base color that is ideal for hiding the facility’s traffic wear patterns. To add some vibrancy to the flooring, they chose a color fleck option that matches the building’s accent colors.

An added bonus for the Ambler Y is that Basic Roll is a green product – made of 100% post-consumer recycled SBR and 100% post-industrial recycled EPDM rubber. Although the facility is not LEED or Green Building certified, the sustainable green nature of the flooring is something they enjoy telling their members about.

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