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Surface America Recreational & Athletic Surfacing & Flooring

Since 1993, Surface America has completed thousands of recreational & athletic projects throughout the U.S. and installed millions of square feet of surfacing & flooring for facilities at every level of play, competition, and training.

Surface America has tremendous longevity and proven success in project management, construction services, surfacing installation, supervision and warranty service. We are part of the corporate group of our primary products & systems manufacturer (Ecore), which gives us tremendous control of component & product quality, delivery schedules and overall process efficiencies.

We incorporate the best material components available and feature engineered characteristics specific to maximum performance and safety for the application. And we utilize our own coast-to-coast network of certified specialty contractors and installation crews. All materials used in our products are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

Contact us to discuss how we can put our expertise and experience to work for you.

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