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Versatile fitness flooring with great shock absorption and footing

EverTop™ from Surface America is a one-layer, pour in place rubber surfacing system that is mixed and poured on site and is a great fit for many fitness flooring applications. Made of pre- and post-industrial recycled materials, EverTop offers lots of customization options – from endless color combinations to inlaid graphics.

Can be poured in any configuration

EverTop features an industry-leading percentage of material in its top surface, which significantly adds to the surface life. It has a seamless design which eliminates safety issues, and it delivers great footing and shock absorption – making it a good fit for exercise rooms, weight areas, and jogging tracks. EverTop is also suitable for specialty indoor applications and outdoor play areas.

Industry-leading warranty

When used with aliphatic urethane binder, EverTop comes with a 10-year warranty. When used with aromatic urethane binder, EverTop comes with a 7-year warranty.

Product Detail
EverTop Detail

Wet poured, one-layer, troweled-on-site system: EPDM & aliphatic or aromatic urethane.

Product Data
  • Field-applied in any configuration and dimensions
  • Wet poured, one layer, troweled on site
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and polyurethane binder
  • Typical thickness range is 1/2″
  • Many colors and color combinations Mix Your Own Color Blends
  • Porous: primarily outdoor use (indoor use less typical)
  • Base Options: asphalt or concrete
  • Recycled material components sourced from the USA
  • ADA compliant per ASTM F-1951-99 for playground surface accessibility
  • 7-Year Warranty (Super-7 with aromatic urethane)
  • 10-Year Warranty (Extreme-10 with aliphatic urethane)
Colors / Finishes

Color(s) may vary slightly from samples shown.

Mix Your Own Color Blends

Rubber Colors: Any of these colors can be mixed in combination with another color or mixture of colors to achieve a blended, speckled look. A percentage of black mixed with a color or multiple colors camouflages dirt and reduces the price. All other factors being equal, the higher the percentage of black in the top surface mix, the lower the price.

Urethane Choices: Throughout the industry, the urethane binder that encapsulates the granules is produced in two forms: aromatic (our Super-7 system with a 7-year warranty) and aliphatic (our Extreme-10 system with a 10-year warranty). It is not required to use aliphatic binder, but from an aesthetic standpoint it is particularly advisable to consider its use with colors such as blue, teal, purple, pearl, eggshell and grays because aromatic binder “yellows” slightly upon exposure to ultraviolet rays. Most of this thin layer of urethane wears off with foot traffic and weathering typically within two to six months. This characteristic applies industry-wide. Extreme-10 (using aliphatic urethane) comes with added cost, but added benefits, too. Upgraded ingredients in the formulation lead to superior performance throughout the system’s life.

  • Greater resistance to wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • “Clear as water” appearance makes the surface vibrant and the rubber true to color