ElastoFloor at basketball gym.

ElastoFloor Roll-Pour


Exceptional footing, true ball response and ideal shock absorption.

ElastoFloor™ Roll-Pour system is engineered specifically for use as an indoor basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, racquetball or squash court, or as a multi-sport court, indoor track or any other type of sport and recreational usage. The surface has excellent slip, abrasion and wear resistance. Its hardness maintains true ball response while the shock- and sound-absorbing basemat enhances performance and reduces fatigue.

Great multisport, multipurpose flooring.

The indoor rubber gym flooring is so durable that non-sport events like meetings, church services and dances can be held on the surface. The seamless surface is three layers of poured urethane over a pre-fabricated and fully adhered rubber basemat that is made from recycled rubber. Add a custom graphic, logo or mascot design to the surface to complement a school or theme.

Product Data

ElastoFloor Layers

ElastoFloor Roll-Pour’s three urethane layers (seal, resin, finish) over a resilient rubber basemat.

  • Pre-manufactured resilient rubber basemat rolled out, cut and glued in place
  • Three layers of self-leveling liquid polyurethane poured & squeegee-applied
  • Field-applied in any configuration and dimensions for a seamless surface
  • Typically installed over concrete or indoor flooring
  • Mercury and lead free (no heavy metals)
  • Texture Right finish for desired sliding properties
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • Shore A hardness for ideal ball response and distribution of point and rolling loads over maximum area
  • 12 standard colors and 6 standard line paints
  • Non-porous
  • Indoor use
  • Manufactured in – using recycled rubber from – the USA
  • Industry’s longest & most comprehensive warranty

Colors / Finishes

Color(s) may vary slightly from samples shown.