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10-step process.

  1. Determine the application.
  2. Identify appropriate Surface America systems.
  3. Review the recommendations and unique characteristics of the system, and address concerns.
  4. Calculate the size of area and if applicable, determine the critical fall heights.
  5. Give some thought to who will install the surface – Surface America or others.
  6. Contact Surface America for a “no obligation” price quote.
  7. Place the order including all necessary detail to ensure the system meets your requirements and schedule.
  8. Plan ahead so materials and installation crews are available.
  9. Materials and installation crews (when applicable) arrive at the project site.
  10. Enjoy the benefits of a surface engineered to meet the needs of your application. 

Commitment to 100% client satisfaction.

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Recycled Rubber Experts

Shredded rubber used in many of our systems comes from our parent company, ECORE International. ECORE is North America’s largest processor and user of scrap tire rubber sourced from the United States, recycling 80 million pounds of rubber each year.

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